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There may be an analogy with the motor trade here. "You wouldn't buy a convertible sports car in the height of Summer". Well you might, but it would command the highest price.

By Sapphire Estate Agents - 19.11.18

Being local residents as well as the local estate agent, Sapphire are asked throughout the year to assist with many fundraising events and as such we get involved with a number of these to the tail end of each year.

By Sapphire Estate Agents - 10.11.18

This is a question that a lot of people ask themselves. So, for a moment let's ignore the temporary ups and downs of the property market and take the long term view about ownership or renting.

By Sapphire Estate Agents - 05.11.18

The autumn market is upon us and contrary to some of the popular press and experts alike, there is a housing market and believe it or believe it not, houses are selling.

By Sapphire Estate Agents - 08.10.18

In a recent survey 86% of those questioned said that the smell of a house could make the difference between making an offer or not.

By Sapphire Estate Agents - 01.10.18

We sales agents see a definite increase in activity and this usually continues well into November.

By Sapphire Estate Agents - 10.09.18

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