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The autumn market is upon us and contrary to some of the popular press and experts alike, there is a housing market and believe it or believe it not, houses are selling.

By Sapphire Estate Agents - 08.10.18

In a recent survey 86% of those questioned said that the smell of a house could make the difference between making an offer or not.

By Sapphire Estate Agents - 01.10.18

We sales agents see a definite increase in activity and this usually continues well into November.

By Sapphire Estate Agents - 10.09.18

September everyone comes back down to Earth, relaxed and with minds focused on the outcome they need with regard to housing. Buying, selling, letting or Renting...

By Sapphire Estate Agents - 20.08.18

In residential sales and lettings terms, In residential sales and lettings terms....

By Sapphire Estate Agents - 15.08.18

As the heat continues, it brings back some of our history. Hidden Palaces, streets and towns begin to emerge from the soil and are clearly are they seen from above.

By Sapphire Estate Agents - 26.07.18

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