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It's That Time Again

With around 100 days before Christmas, buyers and sellers are concentrating on one goal, to have moved before the start of the Festive season. In other words we are entering a hot spot of activity, that being the autumn market!  


The rental market continues a pace, urgent searches for those starting positions of employment, but the sales market certainly does have a run. Partly based on the unknown of 2019 or any following year for that matter, started by holiday discussions on making the move prior to Christmas or a decision made last Christmas when never again would beds be given up whilst the mother in law reclines in new, fresh clean bedded splendour and you are bent up on a lumpy sofa night after night!


Whatever the reason, we sales agents see a definite increase in activity and this usually continues well into November. If you are thinking of selling, buying or renting, contact Andrew and Colin at Sapphire Estate Agents on 01344 870100, they will be delighted to assist you with your proposed move.

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