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How do you smell?

In a recent survey 86% of those questioned said that the smell of a house could make the difference between making an offer or not.


Ignoring the rather over stated case for 'the smell of coffee' let's think about odours. Good, bad and ugly!


So, in reverse order what is the worst? Certainly the smell of damp or mildew is unwelcome because it alerts people to the likelihood of structural failure like the damp course or rising damp. If you are lucky they call a surveyor, if not they walk away.

Cigarette smoke must be up there as pretty bad. Non smokers loathe the smell of stale cigarette smoke and prospective tenants will tell at once if the previous tenant was a smoker. Once it is in the carpets and soft furnishings it is there to stay. That's why so many landlords insist on No-Smoking.


Pet odours can be very unwelcome particularly with those who suffer from allergies. Love me love my dog, but not everyone does. Especially if he swam in a stagnant pond this morning and smells like a wet carpet. Tom cats can also make their mark.


Oddly enough even the strong smell of cleaning products can put people off. Keep the place clean by all means but don't make it smell like a public swimming pool. Chlorine and bleach are effective but a bit pungent if recently used. 


So what about the good guys? Freshly baked bread or cakes, the smell of Coffee brewing, yes we have heard about those. Even a few drops on vanilla essence on a warm baking tray can do the trick. Fresh flowers (in season) and domestic air fresheners make a pleasant ambience. 


The smell of fresh paint is always welcome, and demonstrates that the decorating is up to date. So that's two good reasons to get the paint brushes out.


And open the windows once in a while. Double glazing does a great job keeping you warm, but nature is wonderful when you consider the cost of fresh air!

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