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Hurry, Hurry, The Autumn Market is Here

The beautiful colours of Autumn are upon us and with just 77 days to Christmas, attention is turning away from the gorgeous Summer experienced this year but to Winter things, pullovers logs and who's turn is it to have the in laws this year.... (surely not us)! When all the outside news is full of woe, people do start to look inward and put the shutters up, hybernate until Spring ..... and wait.  


But there are a band of people and a large band at that who are determined to secure an early Christmas present for themselves by securing their dream home and moving before Rudolf's bells well and truly wrung.


The autumn market is upon us and contrary to some of the popular press and experts alike, there is a housing market and believe it or believe it not, houses are selling. 


Spring and early Summer, some house sellers tend to have expectations higher than the market sometimes accepts, Autumn is a time when house sellers tend to be brave, shave of some excess weight on the asking price and a buyer is found, leaving them to go and secure their ideal property. This kick also affects the rental market and we are witnessing a number of people finding a buyer and looking to see what is available in the rental sector until the perfect home is found.    


So, if you are not to sure on what you want for Christmas, chocs, socks or jocks, come register at Sapphire Estate Agents and Colin and Andrew will be delighted to see if we can find the right home for you before the in laws invite themselves again and Old Nick comes to visit.

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